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Importance of Online Ticketing for Events/Conferences

Importance of Online Ticketing for Events/Conferences

Selling tickets online for Events/Conferences is the best way to achieve 100% sales, faster and easily. In Online Ticketing mode you end up selling more tickets as compared to offline method . There are a lot of platforms where the tickets can be sold online but when it comes to Hoptheque it gives you unlimited benefits along with selling tickets online like, Free Bulk SMS, Free Bulk Email, Free Lead Generation, Customized Tickets, Free Blogging & Free SEO.  These services offered by Hoptheque results in increased attendance in Event/Conference.


In the online ticketing method people registering for the event are really interested in it because they have searched online for the event in which they are interested and then they purchase online ticket for the events.

As we can see that there are lots of conferences happening day by day and  in every    conference interested people search about it online because they already know that on which topic conference is going to be held.


IMPORTANTS OF THE HIGHEST ATTENDANCE : The online ticketing system also Increases team productivity. Because the event team which is working on the particular event can know about the audience by asking questions in the customized forms uploaded on the ticketing portal. Using Hoptheque Event Managers can generate custom forms which will be filled along with the process of buying the ticket. In this way team can perform good according to the taste and nature of audience. Selling tickets online is also very important and useful to improve the reputation of the Event/Conference because an Event/Conference is only successful when there is highest attendance in it .


IT SAVES THE TIME:  Online Event Registration helps you save a lot of time and money as well. When you put your event online, you are giving people the option of registration via the Internet and this makes the entire process quite convenient for both parties and also reduces the hardwork, & Pain as the buyers can pay securly through online payment processing .

EASY PAYMET METHODS: You can easily Collect payments. The person who wants to attend the event have lot of choices to pay through any mode like he or she can pay through google pay, credit card, debit card, netbanking & QR code.

REDUCES WORK LOAD:  It also reduces work load as offline methods of selling tickets require a lot of efforts. These efforts can be put in event execution and leave the ticket selling part on Hoptheque

NO USE OF PAPER: As this is the online mode so paper is not required in this process which is good for the environment. All the process is digital you dont need any paper in this process.

TICKET DISCOUNTS: Sometimes the event organizer wants to provide the online coupon for the discount so that they can attract more audiences in their event. This can be done online in a easy way.

AUTOMATION: Online ticketing mode allows you to automate many time consuming tasks. Processing cancellations, sending reminder messages/invites, and many more things can be set up using Hoptheque and you’re done.

SECURITY: Ensuring customers private information, credit card details and bank account data secured isn’t a easy task. Hoptheque provides security measures in every aspect to give you and your ticket buyers peace of mind .

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